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A bit about me

Most of the time, you'll find me developing fun apps. I mainly work with Python and JS, but I love learning new things to create my projects. You might also catch me playing piano or drums.

I'm currently in my 2B term studying Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Check out some things I've worked on below!

Featured Projects

Lofi Music Generator

Procedurally generate new lofi beats with an interactive mixer.


Run any key macro upon face detection through the wireless camera module.

Balls and Walls - Made in Python Tkinter

Balls and Walls

A fun physics game made with Tkinter where you draw in walls to bounce walls into a crate.

Moody Calculator

An iOS calculator clone that judges you for simple calculations or for using it too much.

More on Github @Keraisyn and Devpost @Matthews Ma


More on Instagram @matthews__ma

Films and Music

More on Youtube @Matthews Ma, @Triad Music